About R & D Cell

About R & D Cell

Dr. Subhash Venkatrao Jadhav


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Indian government is promoting for the research. The research at college level is the first step to create research activities among the youths. Therefore, The Research and Development Cell is established to promote research activities at Fabtech Technical Campus, College of Engineering and Research, Sangola. The Cell objective is to monitor research programs for Faculty, Students & Industries to undertake quality research activities. R&D Cell of the institution is pursuing a policy to support its faculty and students belonging to diverse disciplines of Engineering and Sciences so as to promote R&D activities and improve the quality of work and sustainability. The R & D policies are mainly focused on patents, research publications, Ph.D programme and research Projects. This policy aims to establish an integrated and coordinated approach towards research and development and promote innovative techniques. In addition to that institute has industrial back bone.


  • Our students and faculties have published more than 125 research papers in National and International journals.
  • Institute has signed 20 MOUes with different organizations.
  • Institute has conducted more than 40 events and webinars . In which two day workshop on Research Methodology was conducted during 20 to 21 April, 2018
  • Super SID Monitor for Ionospheric study is in the credit of institute.

R & D Committee

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation
1 Prof. (Dr.) R. B. Shendge Chairman
2 Dr. S. V. Jadhav Co-ordinator
3 Dr. A. K. Kanase Member
4 Dr. T. A. Dhaigude Member
5 Mr. J. B. Patil Member
6 Mr. M. A. More Member
7 Mr. R. S. Autade Member
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