List of Patents

Sr. No Name of Faculty Name of Patent Published Year Application No.
1 Dr. Wageesha Salanki Mathada Multipurpose Cold Storage with Extra Cooling Effect 2023 202321005797
2 Somanath Balasaheb Thigale Design and Simulation of Electrical Load Forecasting Using Machine Learning 2023 202321012006 A
3 Rahul Shivaji Autade A Cantilever Type Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester Having Frequency Tuning Provision 2023 202321004759
4 Dr. Daradundi sawant Badkar Fully Automated fogger Machine 2023 385929001
5 Somanath Balasaheb Thigale Optimum Design of thermoelectric Couple- Based Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning System for Cars 2022 202221059356 A
6 Somanath Maharudra Thigale Design of Solar Grain Dryer for Storage 2022 202221059392 A
7 Somanath Maharudra Thigale Design & Development of Scalable Real-time Electric Vehicles Charging 2022 202221059374 A
8 Dr. Tanaji Anandrao Dhaigude
Dr.Ravindra Bhimrao Shendge
IRS-Bike: Intelligent Bike Road and Safety 2020 202021006731